1. Negotiations meant to avoid another partial government shutdown have reached an impasse. The talks remain in the same place they've been for months: Trump wants money for his border wall and Democrats refuse to cede ground and have been calling instead for caps on the detention of migrants at the border and those already in the country. The 17 House and Senate negotiators had hoped to reach a deal by Monday, but communications ceased just hours before the artificial deadline. The only things being discussed at the moment are a temporary Homeland Security spending bill or a possible national emergency declaration by Trump. (Politico / New York Times / Washington Post)

  2. The governor of California is pulling the state's National Guard troops back from the southern border. Gov. Gavin Newsom will order the removal of roughly 360 California National Guard members from the state's border with Mexico, instead directing them to focus on drug trafficking and wildfire prevention. (LA Times / New York Times / CBS News)

  3. More of Trump's personal schedule was leaked to the media, just hours after Mick Mulvaney said he expected to catch whoever leaked Trump's personal schedule to the media. Mulvaney appeared on Fox News Sunday and said he expected "to have a resolution on that this week," but Axios published more schedule details shortly thereafter. (USA Today)

  4. Trump spent about 50% of his time last week in so-called unstructured "Executive Time." Trump responded to the leaked schedule details on Twitter. "When the term Executive Time is used," he tweeted, "I am generally working, not relaxing." (Axios)

  5. Trump is expected to sign an executive order launching the American Artificial Intelligence initiative to bolster American leadership in the field. (CNN)