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The Normal Person's Guide to 45's First 45 Fucking Days

The Normal Person’s Guide to 45’s First 45 Fucking Days

The Media | Russia | Obamacare | Travel Ban | Jeff Sessions

What the fuck? It’s only been 45 days? It feels like four years.

This project started as an effort to personally keep up with a news cycle that could only be described as “shock and awe.” Every day I saw multiple big stories coming out of the White House. And every day I struggled to get a sense of the bigger picture. There never seemed to be an “edge” — an end to the day’s news. And, when faced with a seemingly limitless amount of news, hot takes, and sensationalized clickbait posts, how is anybody able to actually be an informed citizen? And what if you aren’t a news junkie or have, you know, an actual life to tend to?

The daily news blitzkrieg is by design and undermines a democracy with the intent of fatiguing normal people into submission. By answering the question “what the fuck just happened today?” this project attempts to provide a daily antidote to an impossible news cycle. But every once in a while you need to zoom out, gain some perspective, and observe the larger trends and stories.

So, in honor of America's 45th president, let’s step back and take a look at the five big storylines from 45’s first 45-days in office. Check out the links below and share it on Twitter or Facebook. –Matt

The Media | Russia | Obamacare | Travel Ban | Jeff Sessions

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