1. Trump’s reelection campaign raised more than $30 million in the first quarter of 2019, bringing Trump’s total war chest to just over $40.8 million. The amount is unprecedented for an incumbent president this early into the campaign, and edges out the two top Democratic challengers. The GOP, meanwhile, matched Trump’s fundraising abilities by bringing in $45.8 million in the first quarter, the party’s best non-election year total. Trump’s reelection campaign has set a total fundraising goal of $1 billion for 2020. (Associated Press / NBC News / New York Times / CNN / Axios)

  2. Trump revived an earlier proposal to release immigrant detainees in sanctuary cities in order to distract from lingering questions about the Mueller report. Just after members of his administration dismissed the idea, Trump sent out a series of tweets saying that it was still being considered. The Trump administration plans to have aides speed-read the full report once it comes out, skipping the parts about potential criminal conspiracy and focusing only on the sections about why Mueller was unable to conclude whether Trump obstructed justice. “Our goal is to respond as quick as we can,” said Trump’s personal attorney Jay Sekulow, “given the length of the report, it may take some time to respond.” (New York Times / The Hill)

  3. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says Trump was joking during the 2016 campaign when he said he loved WikiLeaks. “Look, clearly the president was making a joke during the 2016 campaign,” Sanders told Fox News. “Certainly we take this serious.” Trump claimed last week after Julian Assange was arrested that “I know nothing about WikiLeaks,” despite mentioning WikiLeaks multiple times on the campaign trail and exclaiming, “I love WikiLeaks” at a campaign event in October 2016. (NBC News)