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You do. WTF Just Happened Today is a once-a-day, single-subject newsletter and blog, with a distinct tone and clear formatting tracking the daily shock and awe in national politics.

It's produced every morning by hand, updated throughout the day, with a newsletter sent out every afternoon. More than 200k people rely on WTFJHT to bring them the day's news as a concise and focused recap.

So here's the deal: This is my full-time job. WTFJHT has been one of the most exciting, fun, and rewarding projects I've ever been involved in and I want nothing more than for this to keep going.

It comes down to this: I'll keep doing this as long as the community keeps supporting me.

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How much does this thing cost to run anyway? Glad you asked! I did some back of the envelope math and I came up with $7,636/month. That's a pretty conservative estimate, tbh. If you're interested in how I arrived at that number, I've outlined the cost of running WTFJHT in the FAQ.