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Quite possibly the only email list I’m on that hasn’t annoyed me even once. –Drew H.

The only news-related email that I make a point of reading every day. –Lorraine N.

WTFJHT is the only newsletter I let into my inbox. It’s brief, clear, and covers the perfect selection of news in the perfect amount of words. –Steffi K.

Thanks for staring into the abyss so I don’t have to. –Lynn P.

WTFJHT has become my lifeline. I feel like I can tune out the chaos because I know I will receive the newsletter at the end of the day and can pursue further topics with the links you provide. I put aside a quiet time in the evening to do so and it makes all the horribleness that occurs each day a bit more manageable. –Laura K.

I don’t need a blow-by-blow accounting of the news. I continue to want a high-level, conversational summary that leaves me informed and I’m willing to forego details in favor of the summary WTF Just Happened Today provides.” –Casey C.

Thanks to WTF Just Happened Today I don’t have to read the news more than once a day. My quality of life is higher and I still have a clue about WTF just happened today. –Buster

WTFJHT is a lifesaver - a voice of sanity, reliability, and humanity - coming to us out of the darkness and the chaos. –Susan B.

I could not deal with the current administration and the mess they create without WTFJHT. Well, I still can’t deal with it, but at least I can understand what is happening because of WTFJHT! –Connie S.

Concise, thoughtful newsbites. Without WTFJHT there would be darkness and chaos. –Catherine B.

Insightful, clever, and intelligent. WTF Just Happened Today keeps me abreast of all of the political happenings, and is presented with a viewpoint that I can relate to. –Fran P.

The spirit of WTF’s attempt to present all of the dumbfuckery in as non-biased a manner as possible is laudable. –Joe D.

I have nine news apps on my phone, but WTFJHT is what I look at at the end of the day. –Patricia M.

I want to keep current but I cannot bear to hear it sometimes. WTFJHT’s bite-size summaries are perfect. -Cara M.

It is a toss up if I just like saying the name or really like the daily recaps. –Dominique A.

The daily summation of news paints a clear and pointed picture of the morass. By putting together these various - attributed - articles in one concise blog, even someone who graduated at the bottom of his class at the Wharton School could understand the mess we are in. –Bob G.

A shining light in a cave full of shit. –Joe P.