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Day 1081: "Reign of terror."

Day 1082: Get this done.

Day 1083: "Historic nightmare."

Day 1084: Standing down.

Day 1085: Reckless.

Day 1086: Destabilizing activities.

Day 1089: Interpretations.

Day 1090: "Deserve the truth."

Day 1091: Con job.

Day 1092: "Do impartial justice."

Day 1093: "Dopes and babies."

Day 1096: "The Framers' worst nightmare."

Day 1097: "Deliberately designed to hide the truth."

Day 1098: "Protect our democracy."

Day 1099: "No president has abused his power in this way."

Day 1100: "What our framers feared most."

Day 1103: A colorful distraction.

Day 1104: A diversion.

Day 1105: Public interest.

Day 1106: Bogus claims.

Day 1107: "A grand tragedy."

Day 1110: "History will not be kind to Donald Trump."

Day 1111: An unmitigated disaster.

Day 1112: A giant asterisk.

Day 1113: "It was all bullshit."

Day 1114: "You'll see."

Day 1117: Parasite.

Day 1118: Excessive.

Day 1119: "Ought to apologize."

Day 1120: Impossible.

Day 1121: "Crime fighters."

Day 1125: "Openly and repeatedly flouted."

Day 1126: Cleaning house.

Day 1127: Desperate.

Day 1128: Presidential preference.

Day 1131: Snakes.

Day 1132: "This might be bad."

Day 1133: "We're very, very ready for this."

Day 1134: Muzzled.

Day 1135: "Deeply troubling."

Day 1138: "No reason to panic."

Day 1139: Not good.

Day 1140: "A perfect storm."

Day 1141: Confusion.

Day 1142: "Contained."

Day 1145: "Nobody is trying to minimize this."

Day 1146: "Everything is working out."

Day 1147: "It's going to get worse."

Day 1148: Canceled.

Day 1149: "Full-scale disaster."

Day 1152: "This is bad."

Day 1153: "We have it totally under control."

Day 1154: "Just in case we need it."

Day 1155: "Nobody knew."

Day 1156: "The only thing we weren't prepared for."

Day 1159: "The pandemic is accelerating."

Day 1160: "I want America to understand: This week, it's going to get bad."

Day 1161: "Critical to maintaining national security."

Day 1162: "We may well be in a recession."

Day 1163: "Wasting time."