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Day 714: "We better come together."

Day 715: "Not my problem."

Day 716: "The Republicans haven't been serious about this."

Day 720: "A direct and foreseeable consequence."

Day 721: "Damage assessment."

Day 722: "MAGA extremists have hijacked the Republican Party."

Day 723: "Sensitive matters."

Day 728: "Be prepared."

Day 729: "Distorted."

Day 730: "Breach of trust."

Day 736: "Integrity matters."

Day 737: "The fight of our lives."

Day 741: "Reasonable and responsible."

Day 743: "A distraction."

Day 744: "An absolute fool."

Day 748: "Our plan is working."

Day 749: "It’s going to be bumpy."

Day 750: "You don't belong."

Day 751: "Brazen."

Day 755: "A growing wave of violence and trauma."

Day 756: "A new generation of leadership."

Day 757: "No second chances."

Day 758: "The evidence is compelling."

Day 763: "Plot twist."

Day 764: "Indifference and betrayal."

Day 771: "To thwart and obfuscate."

Day 772: "A big deal."

Day 776: "I am your retribution."

Day 777: "Dangerous and just unacceptable."

Day 778: "No blank checks."

Day 779: "Undermining the American public's confidence."

Day 783: "Substantial concerns."

Day 784: "Reckless."

Day 785: "Severe penalties."

Day 786: "Brink of collapse."

Day 790: "A final warning."

Day 791: "A necessary step."

Day 792: "Sufficient."

Day 793: "False expectations."

Day 797: "Degenerate psychopath."

Day 798: "No plausible conflict of interest."

Day 799: "Mess things up."

Day 800: "Dead on arrival."

Day 804: "Crystal clear."

Day 805: "Can't believe this is happening in America."

Day 806: "Seems accurate."

Day 807: "Something is going to go boom."

Day 811: "Extraordinary and unprecedented."

Day 812: "Uncertainty is high."

Day 813: "Credibility problems."

Day 814: "Continued complications."

Day 818: "A ticking time bomb."

Day 819: "Extremely unusual."

Day 820: "The result will be chaos."

Day 821: "Great."

Day 825: "We thank him for his service."

Day 826: "The bridge."

Day 827: "Mundane matters."

Day 828: "This issue is too important."

Day 832: "Hardship to American families."

Day 833: "Step up and fix this."

Day 834: "A national concern."

Day 835: "An insidious plot."

Day 839: "Calamity."

Day 840: "Absolutely no idea."

Day 841: "Rhetoric."

Day 842: "It's hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN."

Day 846: "Remain optimistic."

Day 847: "Irresponsible."

Day 848: "Repercussions."

Day 849: "Extreme."

Day 853: "Openly hostile."

Day 854: "Very substantial."

Day 855: "Gutted."

Day 856: "An ongoing threat."

Day 861: "There's going to be a reckoning."

Day 862: "No margin for error."

Day 863: "Time is a luxury."