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Day 1446: "No way."

Day 1447: "Save America."

Day 1448: "Death spiral."

Day 1449: "A horror show for America."

Day 1450: "Incitement of insurrection."

Day 1453: "Significant failures."

Day 1454: No regrets.

Day 1455: "He must go."

Day 1456: "Self-pity mode."

Day 1457: "Justice is coming."

Day 1460: "Indefensible."

Day 1461: How it ended.

Day 1: "Democracy has prevailed."

Day 2: "The gravest damage."

Day 3: "Transparent, open and honest."

Day 6: "Attempted sedition."

Day 7: "Down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol."

Day 8: "It's time to act."

Day 9: "Beyond the pale."

Day 10: "Wake-up call."

Day 13: "The time for decisive action is now."

Day 14: "Moral failing."

Day 15: "We need to act."

Day 16: "America is back."

Day 17: "Enormous pain."

Day 20: "More dire than we thought."

Day 21: "This cannot be our future."

Day 22: "Inciter in chief."

Day 23: "A new terrible standard."

Day 24: "Ordinary political rhetoric."

Day 27: "A disgraceful dereliction of duty."

Day 28: "Get to the truth."

Day 29: "I'm tired of talking about Donald Trump."

Day 30: "Restore common sense."

Day 31: "We have a lot to do."

Day 34: "The work continues."

Day 35: "Intelligence failures."

Day 36: "More must be done."

Day 37: "A critical step."

Day 38: "Too complicated."

Day 41: "The most powerful and heartbreaking example of the cruelty that preceded this administration."

Day 42: "It's not going away anytime soon."

Day 43: "Neanderthal thinking."

Day 44: "No matter how long it takes."

Day 45: Brat attacks.

Day 48: "We just need to hang on a bit longer."

Day 49: "110% confident."

Day 50: "Help is on the way."

Day 51: "This dark tunnel."

Day 52: "Changes the paradigm."

Day 55: "Risky business."

Day 56: "Exacerbating divisions."

Day 57: "Democracy is having a hard time functioning."

Day 58: "Strings attached."

Day 59: "Wasting time."

Day 62: "A fork in the road."

Day 63: "An American issue."

Day 64: "An existential threat."

Day 65: "Chaos as a consequence."

Day 66: "Outrageous."

Day 69: "This is deadly serious."

Day 70: "Trailblazing."

Day 71: "Hard-fought progress."

Day 72: "Based on a lie."

Day 73: "Low risk."

Day 76: "Consequences."

Day 77: "Irritating."

Day 78: "Good faith negotiations."

Day 79: "International embarrassment."

Day 80: "Out of whack."

Day 83: "Accidental discharge."

Day 84: "Abundance of caution."

Day 85: "We stand for democracy."

Day 86: "Disinformation and interference."

Day 87: "Disastrous."