1/ The National Archives told the House Oversight Committee that it hasn’t recovered all the presidential records from Trump administration officials that should have been transferred under the Presidential Records Act. The Archives will consult with the Justice Department “on whether ‘to initiate an action for the recovery of records unlawfully removed,’ as established under the Federal Records Act,” acting archivist Debra Steidel Wall said in a letter to Carolyn Maloney, the committee’s chairwoman. Wall added that the archives was working to retrieve electronic messages from certain unnamed White House officials who had used personal email and messaging accounts to conduct official business. (Washington Post / New York Times / ABC News / CNN / Wall Street Journal)

  • A majority of House Republicans last year voted to challenge the Electoral College and upend the presidential election. “On the day the Capitol was attacked, 139 Republicans in the House voted to dispute the Electoral College count.” (New York Times)

2/ Five members of the Oath Keepers militia planned an “armed rebellion” to keep Trump in power “by whatever means necessary,” the Justice Department said during its opening statements in the first seditious conspiracy trial to stem from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Using text messages, video, and recorded calls, federal prosecutors said the group intended to “take matters into their own hands” to overturn the results of the 2020 election and “concocted a plan for an armed rebellion to shatter a bedrock of American democracy.” Prosecutors played a recording of Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes saying that his group “should have brought rifles” to the Capitol. The charge of seditious conspiracy calls for up to 20 years in prison. (Politico / Associated Press / Washington Post / Bloomberg / New York Times / NPR / NBC News / Wall Street Journal / USA Today)

3/ The Supreme Court rejected MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s appeal in a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion sued Lindell and MyPillow in February 2021 for $1.3 billion in damages for pushing the “big lie” that Trump won the 2020 election and knowingly made baseless claims that Dominion’s machines manipulated vote counts to ensure that Biden defeated Trump. Dominion has also accused Trump allies Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani of defamation for falsely claiming that the election was “stolen.” (Bloomberg / NBC News / CBS News)

4/ The Supreme Court began its new term, which will include major cases on voting rights, clean water regulations, affirmative action, and discrimination against gay couples. During the court’s last term, which ended in June, the justices overturned of a half century of precedents that had guaranteed women the right to terminate most pregnancies, established a right to carry guns outside the home, and limited the government’s ability to address climate change. The court’s first case of the new term involves a dispute over the EPA’s power to regulate wetlands under the Clean Water Act and what counts as “waters of the United States.” If the court limits the EPA’s authority to protect wetlands from pollution, environmental advocates say about half of all wetlands and roughly 60% of streams would no longer be federally protected. (NPR / Associated Press / New York Times / Politico / FiveThirtyEight / The Hill)

poll/ 47% of voters said they want Republicans to control Congress while 44% said they’d prefer Democrats in control. 82% of Americans ranked inflation their top issue, compared with 56% who ranked abortion as a top concern, and 32% who said the coronavirus pandemic was very important. (Monmouth University Poll / CNBC)