1/ Biden denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to grant convicted felon Trump broad immunity from prosecution, warning that it sets “a dangerous precedent” and “undermines the rule of law.” Biden said the court’s 6-3 decision puts “virtually no limits on what a president can do,” and all but ensures Trump won’t be tried on charges of trying to overturn the 2020 election before the upcoming 2024 election. The court sent the case back to the trial judge to determine which, if any of Trump’s actions, were part of his official duties and thus were protected from prosecution. “The American people must decide if Trump’s embrace of violence to preserve his power is acceptable,” Biden added. “Perhaps most importantly, the American people must decide if they want to entrust the presidency once again to Donald Trump — now, knowing he’ll be more emboldened to do whatever he pleases, whenever he wants to do it.” (New York Times / Washington Post / NPR / Associated Press / Axios)

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  • Supreme Court’s Trump immunity ruling poses risk for democracy, experts say. The court’s decision raised fears that a future president will be able to act with impunity because official acts of the president have been deemed off limits from prosecution. (Washington Post)

  • Now what? Here are the next moves for all the key players after the Trump immunity ruling. (Politico)

  • Supreme Court’s Trump Immunity Ruling Avoids the Obvious: He’s Running Again. The decision all but ensures a trial — and a verdict — won’t happen before the Nov. 5 election, an outcome that Trump’s critics slammed as helping him ahead of the election. Trump’s lawyers had repeatedly invoked the 2024 election in pushing to delay a trial until after voters went to the polls. (Bloomberg)

  • Trump’s imperial presidency in waiting. Trump, if re-elected, plans to immediately test the boundaries of presidential and governing power, knowing the restraints of Congress and the courts are dramatically looser than during his first term, his advisers tell us. (Axios)

  • The Supreme Court Gave Trump a Stunning Gift — and Rewrote the Constitution. (Politico)

  • The Supreme Court Puts Trump Above the Law. And gives him permission for a despotic second term. (The Atlantic)

  • Supreme Court Immunity Decision Could Put Donald Trump “Above the Law.” The conservative majority’s ruling potentially paves the way for presidents to act with impunity, legal experts warn, as well as further delay the DOJ’s election subversion case against Trump. Justice Sotomayor dissented, “With fear for our democracy.” (Vanity Fair)

  • “The President Is Now a King”: The Most Blistering Lines From Dissents in the Trump Immunity Case. (Mother Jones)

  • The Supreme Court Just Put Trump Above the Law. In handing him a win in his immunity case, the justices obliterated the courts’ ability to rein in presidents. (Mother Jones)

  • The President Can Now Assassinate You, Officially. Under this new standard, a president can go on a four-to-eight year crime spree and then retire from public life, never to be held accountable. (The Nation)

  • Trump Secures His Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Card. The Court has rescued the former president from facing trial before the election for his attack on democracy. (The Atlantic)

  • Team Trump Stunned by Massive Supreme Court Immunity Win. Conservatives are planning to use the Supreme Court’s immunity decision to help them implement Trump’s extreme policy agenda, sources say. (Rolling Stone)

  • The Supreme Court Just Made the Prospect of a Second Trump Term Even Scarier Than It Already Was. The conservative wing of the Supreme Court took what was a previously terrifying prospect and made it a bone-chilling, actual nightmare. (Vanity Fair)

  • 3 surprising consequences of the Supreme Court’s immunity decision. From Trump’s other criminal cases to the powers of the presidency itself, the ruling will have broad ripple effects. (Politico)

  • Biden Campaign Brushes Off Idea of Reforming the Supreme Court. The campaign waved off the notion that the court’s bombshell Trump immunity ruling would move Biden to embrace reform (Rolling Stone)

2/ Trump threatened to prosecute his perceived political enemies in a second term, amplifying posts on social media calling for a televised military tribunal for Liz Cheney, as well as the jailing of Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence, and members of the House committee that investigated the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. “ELIZABETH LYNNE CHENEY IS GUILTY OF TREASON,” reads one post that Trump amplified on his social media platform. “RETRUTH IF YOU WANT TELEVISED MILITARY TRIBUNALS.” And, on the same day that Steve Bannon reported to prison for contempt of Congress, Trump – again – blamed Biden for what he claims is a “weaponization” of the justice system, suggesting that Biden is “going to pay a big price” for it. “What they’ve done in this country is unthinkable.” The Biden campaign, meanwhile, warned that Trump “is doubling down on threats to our democracy,” adding that “the Supreme Court has now paved the way for him to do exactly what he is saying he will if he wins.” (New York Times / CNN / ABC News)

3/ The judge in Trump’s election interference trial involving falsified business records delayed sentencing until Sept. 18, at the earliest, to weigh the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity. Justice Juan Merchan set the new date after Trump sought to challenge his conviction on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, making him the first former president in U.S. history to be convicted of a crime. Merchan said he would rule on the immunity finding on Sept. 6, and that sentencing would take place only “if necessary.” The delay also means Trump will not be sentenced until after he is formally nominated for president at the Republican National Convention on July 15. (CNN / Bloomberg / NBC News / ABC News / Axios / Associated Press / Wall Street Journal / Politico / NPR / Washington Post / New York Times)

  • Supreme Court’s immunity ruling will delay Trump’s Jan. 6 case until after the election. “The conservative majority’s decision will likely set off hearings to determine what allegations in Trump’s federal interference case are official acts and thus potentially immune.” (NBC News)

4/ The New York state Supreme Court disbarred Rudy Giuliani over his failed effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, saying the seriousness of Giuliani’s misconduct couldn’t be overstated. “He baselessly attacked and undermined the integrity of this country’s electoral process,” the court said, noting that Giuliani “communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers, and the public at large” regarding the 2020 election. “In so doing, respondent not only deliberately violated some of the most fundamental tenets of the legal profession, but he also actively contributed to the national strife that has followed the 2020 Presidential election, for which he is entirely unrepentant.” (New York Times / Washington Post / Politico / Axios / Associated Press / Wall Street Journal / Bloomberg / CNN / CNBC)

poll/ 75% of voters say the Democratic Party would have a better shot at keeping the White House with someone other than Biden. Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning registered voters, 56% say someone else has a better chance of beating Trump than does Biden, while 43% say the party stands a better chance with him. (CNN)

poll/ 32% of Democratic voters said Biden should end his bid for reelection. In January, 49% of Democrats said he should not run again in 2024. (Reuters)

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