1/ The Biden administration is considering withholding federal funds, among other measures, in order to spur vaccinations. The moves, if adopted, would amount to a dramatic escalation in the effort to vaccinate the roughly 90 million Americans who are eligible for shots but remain unvaccinated. (Washington Post)

2/ The Biden administration extended the freeze on federal student-loan payments through January 2022. The pandemic relief, which suspends monthly loan payments and interest for 42 million Americans, had been set to expire at the end of September. The administration said this is the last time it will extend the freeze. (Bloomberg / Politico / The Hill)

3/ Nearly 1,800 victims’ relatives, first responders and survivors of 9/11 are calling on Biden to refrain from attending any memorials unless he upholds his pledge to declassify U.S. government evidence that they believe may show a link between Saudi Arabian leaders and the attacks. (NBC News)

4/ A woman who accused NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo of groping her last year has filed a criminal complaint with the Albany County sheriff’s department. The complaint from the woman, an executive assistant whose name has not been publicized, increases the possibility that Cuomo could face criminal charges. (New York Times)

5/ The select committee investigating the 1/6 insurrection is weighing whether to pursue call logs from the Trump White House on the day of the riot. If they pursue the logs, Biden would ultimately have to determine whether the records should be covered by executive privilege or qualify as essential evidence for the ongoing probe. (CNN)