1/ A Trump attorney admitted to knowingly making 10 public “misrepresentations” about the 2020 presidential election being stolen. On November 20, 2020, Jenna Ellis claimed on Newsmax that “with all those states (Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia) combined we know that the election was stolen from President Trump and we can prove that.” Ellis later claimed on Fox News show on Dec. 5, 2020 that “we have over 500,000 votes (in Arizona) that were cast illegally,” adding on Dec. 15 on Newsmax that Trump was “the true and proper victor.” Ellis was censured for misconduct by Colorado legal officials for the repeated false statements about the election. As part of the public censure, Ellis agreed that her legal work for Trump “caused actual harm by undermining the American public’s confidence in the presidential election.” (Colorado Newsline / Associated Press / NBC News / Politico / New York Times / CNN)

2/ House Republicans launched an investigation into the Democratic-controlled Jan. 6 committee from last Congress. The subcommittee — made up of four Republicans and two Democrats — will look into roughly two million documents and records. It also launched a portal to collect tips from the public. The subcommittee is expected to focus on the security failures around Jan. 6, the treatment of Jan. 6 defendants, and possible training or resource reforms for U.S. Capitol Police. (CNN / NBC News)

3/ Mitch McConnell was hospitalized and is being treated for a concussion after falling. The hotel where the fall occurred was the Waldorf Astoria, formerly the Trump International Hotel. McConnell is expected to remain in the hospital for several more days. (ABC News / Washington Post / NBC News)

4/ U.S. companies cut nearly 80,000 job last month – up from 15,245 in February 2022. Since January, U.S. companies have announced more than 180,000 layoffs – the most for any January-February period since 2009. The Labor Department, meanwhile, reported that the number of new unemployment claims rose 21,000 to 211,000 for the week ending March 4 – the biggest increase in five months. Economists, however, expect Friday’s job report to show that the economy added 225,000 new jobs in February. (Bloomberg / Reuters / CNBC)