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Day 529: Art of the FART.

Day 530: Shredded.

Day 532: "My staff told me not to say this."

Day 533: Totally prepared.

Day 536: Piece of trash.

Day 537: "Putin may be the easiest."

Day 538: Tremendous relationships.

Day 539: Go it alone.

Day 540: Unwelcome.

Day 543: A disaster for our country.

Day 544: Strange and uncertain times.

Day 545: Big results.

Day 546: An incredible offer.

Day 547: Lordy, I hope there are tapes.

Day 550: Reality distortion field.

Day 551: Concerned.

Day 552: All the stuff.

Day 553: "Enough is enough."

Day 554: "Never even heard about it."

Day 557: "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

Day 558: Unhinged.