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Day 1198: "I will never lie to you."

Day 1201: "It goes up rapidly."

Day 1202: "Weaker and sicker and poorer."

Day 1203: "We've solved every problem."

Day 1204: "Overly prescriptive."

Day 1205: "Literally off the charts."

Day 1208: "It's scary to go to work."

Day 1209: "That's not prevailing."

Day 1210: "The darkest winter in modern history."

Day 1211: "Not an acceptable answer."

Day 1212: "Inconsistent and incoherent."

Day 1215: "I seem to be okay."

Day 1216: "Badge of honor."

Day 1217: "We still have a long way to go."

Day 1218: "Social and moral responsibility."

Day 1219: "Petulant child."

Day 1223: "Shutdown mood."

Day 1224: 100,000 dead.

Day 1225: "Big action."

Day 1226: Fuck this shit.

Day 1228: American carnage.