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Day 713: Enjoy the ride.

Day 714: Foolish.

Day 715: Contentious.

Day 718: Prime-time.

Day 719: Intentionally misleading.

Day 720: Bye-bye.

Day 721: A credible account.

Day 722: Embarrassing.

Day 725: Big fat hoax.

Day 726: Everyone's favorite.

Day 727: Damage.

Day 728: Any way, shape or form.

Day 729: Make it happen.

Day 732: So what.

Day 733: Hypothetical.

Day 734: Unforced errors.

Day 735: History and tradition.

Day 736: "Nothing to do with the president."

Day 739: Wrong track.

Day 740: Regime survival.

Day 741: Back to school.

Day 742: Waste of time.