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Archive of posts from October 2017





Day 256: An act of pure evil.

Day 257: The end of everything.

Day 258: Moron.

Day 259: Suicide squad.

Day 260: Calm before the storm.

Day 263: War on coal.

Day 264: Power of the pen.

Day 265: NBC = CNN

Day 266: Trump Vs. Everybody.

Day 267: Imploding broken mess.

Day 270: Season of war.

Day 271: Half-baked nationalism.

Day 272: Knew what he signed up for.

Day 273: Who knows.

Day 274: Elected by the American people.

Day 277: Outdated, unnecessary, ineffective.

Day 278: Alert the daycare staff.

Day 279: Drain the swamp.

Day 280: Bullet.

Day 281: Significant concerns.

Day 284: "NO COLLUSION!"

Day 285: Covfefe boy.