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Day 985: Entitled.

Day 986: "BULLSHIT."

Day 987: "China, if you're listening."

Day 988: Smoking texts.

Day 991: "Devastating for the good guys."

Day 992: "Further acts of obstruction."

Day 993: "Nothing to see here."

Day 994: "Oh well, I’m president!"

Day 995: "Repugnant to the American Dream."

Day 999: An abomination.

Day 1000: Meltdown.

Day 1001: "Get over it."

Day 1002: White House confessional.

Day 1005: "We prefer peace to war."

Day 1006: Direct line.

Day 1007: "This whole thing is about corruption."

Day 1008: Human scum.

Day 1009: "Potentially impeachable conduct."

Day 1012: "Eliminate any doubt."

Day 1013: "Extremely, extremely, extremely disturbing."

Day 1014: Out of step.

Day 1015: "Nobody comes to Congress to impeach a president."