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Day 438: DACA is dead.

Day 439: We've got your back.

Day 440: Short-term pain.

Day 441: Can't speak to the future of __________.

Day 442: TOTALLY under siege.

Day 445: Barbaric.

Day 446: "Why don't I just fire Mueller?"

Day 447: Get ready.

Day 448: Retroactive privilege.

Day 449: Slime ball.

Day 450: Mission accomplished.

Day 452: Morally unfit.

Day 453: Crimes of violence.

Day 454: This Russia thing.

Day 455: Clean up the mess.

Day 456: Unprecedented treachery.

Day 459: Under open assault.

Day 460: Do not worry.

Day 461: Virtually unexplained.

Day 462: Extremely opposed.

Day 463: Very sick or very dumb.

Day 466: Panic mode.