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Archive of posts from May 2017





Day 102: Bizarre.

Day 103: Floundering.

Day 104: Nauseous.

Day 105: Health care?

Day 106: An uncertain fate.

Day 109: Warned.

Day 110: Finger pointing. Fired.

Day 111: You're kidding.

Day 112: Contradicting the White House.

Day 113: Another fucking Twitter tirade.

Day 116: Frustrated and angry. Jeopardized.

Day 117: Undercut. Wow.

Day 118: Hot mess.

Day 119: Undisclosed.

Day 120: Kept in the dark. Person of interest.

Day 123: Will not comply.

Day 124: Cuts for the poor.

Day 125: A madman with nukes.

Day 126: Street fighters.

Day 127: Disinformation.

Day 130: Backchannel.

Day 131: Derogatory information.

Day 132: Au revoir.