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Archive of posts from September 2017




Day 225: A rigged system.

Day 229: Rescinded.

Day 230: Revisit.

Day 231: Nothing to worry about.

Day 232: Operation mega.

Day 235: Too bombastic.

Day 236: Clandestine efforts.

Day 237: Even lower.

Day 238: Betrayed.

Day 239: Sick and demented.

Day 242: Rocket man.

Day 243: Wiretapped.

Day 244: Nothing there.

Day 245: Innocuous.

Day 246: Dotard.

Day 249: But her emails.

Day 250: Height of hypocrisy.

Day 251: Middle class miracle.

Day 252: No guarantees.

Day 253: Giant, beautiful, massive, the biggest ever.