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Day 1292: "Extraordinarily widespread."

Day 1293: "It is what it is."

Day 1294: "He still doesn't get it."

Day 1295: "It wouldn't hurt."

Day 1296: "Shameful."

Day 1299: "Absurdly unconstitutional."

Day 1300: "A tragic mistake."

Day 1301: "Serious consequences."

Day 1302: "A major milestone."

Day 1303: "Do you regret at all the lying?"

Day 1306: "Widespread and expanding."

Day 1307: "A grave counterintelligence threat."

Day 1308: "Wholly insufficient."

Day 1309: "Donald Trump hasn't grown into the job because he can't."

Day 1310: "Season of darkness."

Day 1313: "I am not engaged in sabotaging the election."

Day 1314: "Grossly misrepresented."

Day 1315: "Extreme action."

Day 1316: "This is his America."

Day 1317: "Profoundly."

Day 1320: "Recklessly encouraging violence."