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Day 1229: Bunker boy.

Day 1230: "Everything to divide us."

Day 1231: "No idea."

Day 1236: "Now that everything is under perfect control."

Day 1237: "We're still at the beginning."

Day 1238: "Everything about this is irregular."

Day 1239: "This is not a game."

Day 1240: "There's no strategy."

Day 1244: Transgressions.

Day 1245: "Obstruction of justice as a way of life."

Day 1246: "On the cusp of losing control."

Day 1247: Priorities.

Day 1250: "Underwhelming."

Day 1251: "Mixed bag."

Day 1252: "A massive outbreak."

Day 1253: "An explosion."

Day 1254: "And we have an election coming up."

Day 1257: "Nobody told me."

Day 1258: "We're going in the wrong direction."