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Day 348: Just a coffee boy.

Day 349: Treasonous.

Day 350: Cease and desist.

Day 351: Possible obstruction.

Day 354: Executive time.

Day 355: Sunk.

Day 356: A flawed legal premise.

Day 357: To surveil and abuse.

Day 358: Racist.

Day 362: Subpoenaed.

Day 363: Gag order.

Day 364: Irresponsible.

Day 365: The 11th hour.

Day 368: Shutdown shut down.

Day 369: Under pressure.

Day 370: Looking forward to it.

Day 371: Extraordinarily reckless.

Day 372: Confrontation.

Day 375: Stepping aside.

Day 376: Serving as a deterrent.

Day 377: Grave concerns.