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Day 1016: Sensitive.

Day 1019: Threatened.

Day 1020: Orchestrated efforts.

Day 1021: A clear understanding.

Day 1022: A campaign of lies.

Day 1023: No doubt.

Day 1026: "This issue."

Day 1027: Another state of mind.

Day 1028: "The investigations."

Day 1029: Not even a little bit.

Day 1030: Rooting out corruption.

Day 1033: "Unusual and inappropriate."

Day 1034: Duty.

Day 1035: "At the express direction of the president of the United States."

Day 1036: Weaponized falsehoods.

Day 1037: "Never took place."

Day 1040: Without reason.

Day 1041: Bleak.

Day 1042: Dissenting opinions.