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Day 559: A terrible situation.

Day 560: A low point.

Day 561: Pervasive.

Day 564: A complete fabrication.

Day 565: Reluctance.

Day 566: Kiss the ring.

Day 567: Space Force all the way.

Day 568: Be happy, be cool.

Day 571: Nothing but problems.

Day 572: Lowlife.

Day 573: Erratic.

Day 574: Hogwash.

Day 575: A very good person.

Day 578: "Truth isn't truth."

Day 579: For the "purpose of influencing the election."

Day 580: Individual-1.

Day 581: "It's not fair."

Day 582: You can do it.

Day 585: A cutthroat death match.

Day 586: Serious situation.

Day 587: Don't let it happen.

Day 588: Shape up.

Day 589: Over a barrel.