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Day 406: No one listened.

Day 407: Leverage.

Day 410: President for life.

Day 411: There is no chaos.

Day 412: Hush agreement.

Day 413: Very unhappy.

Day 414: But his emails.

Day 417: Still intends to cooperate.

Day 418: You're fired.

Day 419: A movement, not a moment.

Day 420: Malicious.

Day 421: 100% safe.

Day 424: Brilliant and courageous.

Day 425: Shuffling the deck.

Day 426: No sense of urgency.

Day 427: Another one bites the dust.

Day 428: Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.

Day 431: Conflicts.

Day 432: Botched obligations.

Day 433: Pertinent to the investigation.

Day 434: Freewheeling.

Day 435: Climate of change.