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Archive of posts from June 2018





Day 498: "Totally unacceptable."

Day 501: Absolute right.

Day 502: Witness tampering.

Day 503: Obsessed.

Day 504: Acid-wash.

Day 505: We have a world to run.

Day 508: Sobering and a bit depressing.

Day 509: A very special bond.

Day 510: Sleep well tonight.

Day 511: Persistent illegal conduct.

Day 512: Fickle.

Day 515: Not on my watch.

Day 516: Infestation.

Day 517: A public relations nightmare.

Day 518: Shared values.

Day 519: Phony stories.

Day 522: Inhumane and unethical.

Day 523: Common ground.

Day 524: Bad idea.

Day 525: Completely unacceptable.

Day 526: Totally screwed.