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Day 593: We're in Crazytown.

Day 594: The worst mood.

Day 595: Total meltdown.

Day 596: Your fault.

Day 599: Quite enthusiastic.

Day 600: Reckless escalation.

Day 601: "Totally incompetent."

Day 602: 12,800 children.

Day 603: Full cooperation.

Day 606: Full steam ahead.

Day 607: A great gentleman.

Day 608: "What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep."

Day 609: Such an outstanding man.

Day 610: As bad as she says.

Day 613: Lingering stench.

Day 614: But that's okay.

Day 615: "A total low-life."

Day 616: "I am terrified."

Day 617: Aggressive and belligerent.