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Day 467: So disgraceful.

Day 468: A setup and a trap.

Day 469: Suckers.

Day 470: Oh my goodness.

Day 473: Fighting back.

Day 474: Opposition media.

Day 475: Unprecedented and coordinated.

Day 476: Wrap it up.

Day 477: Big mistake.

Day 480: A fucked-up feedback loop.

Day 481: Hindsight.

Day 482: Russian assistance.

Day 483: Disgusting, illegal and unwarranted.

Day 484: Really bad stuff.

Day 487: Walking into a trap.

Day 488: Too inconvenient.

Day 489: Taxi King.

Day 490: "They're not innocent."

Day 491: A colossal waste.

Day 495: 1,475 children.

Day 496: "An absolute, total tool."

Day 497: Third-party status.