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Day 1168: "A very heavy price."

Day 1169: "Here we go again."

Day 1170: "You don't have to do it."

Day 1173: "Not a big Trump fan."

Day 1174: "Too naive or too stupid."

Day 1175: "It's time to intensify."

Day 1176: No deal.

Day 1177: "The biggest decision."

Day 1180: "A lot of instincts."

Day 1181: "The ultimate authority."

Day 1182: "As dangerous as it sounds."

Day 1183: "Call your own shots."

Day 1184: "Never fear."

Day 1187: "Complaining."

Day 1188: "A new way of living."

Day 1189: "Dangerous and provocative."

Day 1190: "The worst is yet to come."

Day 1191: "Just to see what would happen."

Day 1194: "Not worth the time and effort."

Day 1195: "Can't imagine why."

Day 1196: "A great success story."

Day 1197: "Honestly, I'm really in charge."