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Day 893: Unforeseen.

Day 894: Surreal.

Day 895: Moving forward.

Day 900: Pathways.

Day 901: Radiating insecurity.

Day 902: A worthwhile cause.

Day 903: Collateral damage.

Day 904: Not a good one.

Day 907: Racist in chief.

Day 908: "Join us in condemning the president's racist tweets."

Day 909: "Not unhappy."

Day 910: Imminent danger.

Day 911: "The gravity of the president's misconduct."

Day 914: An unindicted co-conspirator.

Day 915: Still at it.

Day 916: "A very innocent President."

Day 917: Extensive activity.

Day 918: Warriors.

Day 921: Critical.

Day 922: An emblem of hate.

Day 923: Animosity.