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Day 924: Dramatic impact.

Day 925: LameStream.

Day 928: "Enabling white supremacy."

Day 929: "The least racist person."

Day 930: Do something.

Day 931: "Hostile actions."

Day 932: "Not a photo op."

Day 935: Irregularities.

Day 936: Just in case.

Day 937: Clueless.

Day 938: Fantastic.

Day 939: Hate and war.

Day 942: Damaging to our democracy.

Day 943: Fundamentals.

Day 944: Absurd.

Day 945: "Frankly ridiculous."

Day 946: "Our bigger enemy."

Day 949: Magnificent.

Day 950: Downhill.

Day 951: Dread.

Day 952: "A troubling pattern of corruption."

Day 953: Cone of uncertainty.