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Day 1047: Entirely prudent.

Day 1048: Clear and present danger.

Day 1049: "Are you ready?"

Day 1050: Time to act.

Day 1051: That's what impeachment is for.

Day 1054: Justified.

Day 1055: We must act.

Day 1056: Scum.

Day 1057: Crazy.

Day 1058: "No chance."

Day 1061: "Betrayed the nation."

Day 1062: An open war on American Democracy.

Day 1063: "He gave us no choice."

Day 1064: Counterpunch.

Day 1065: "A near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused."

Day 1068: Hold off.

Day 1072: Below average.

Day 1075: Admired.